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You probably found me because you’re looking for a B2B marketing content and lead generation email copywriter who specializes in renewable energy production and storage technologies, as well as more broadly in technology in general.

It’s not easy to find mature, skilled writers with plenty of real-world, corporate as well as small business B2B marketing experience. It’s even harder to find writers who’ve invested substantially in personal attention and training from nationally renowned, A-list B2B copywriters. Add to this lifetime access to the best resources in the industry to stay up-to-date on proven best practices in a fast-changing environment.

I suspect, too, that you want a writer who takes special care to tailor whatever project you choose to your specific needs and budget. You want someone who’ll take strong aim at providing the highest-performing marketing copy possible…someone who’ll drill down deep to give you copy that attracts and converts more and higher quality prospects for you and your firm.

If, in addition, you would prefer someone with technical writing experience, a high level of technical and scientific literacy…someone who is easy to bring up to speed on your specific technology, congratulations! You’ve absolutely come to the right place. You can relax, confident that your copy will be technically accurate.

I highly recommend split testing on projects that provide clear audience acceptance data. I focus heavily on fine tuning it for your maximum marketing success. I’m happy to put my skill, experience, and resources to work for your firm’s, as well as your personal benefit.

Rest assured! I’ll take great pleasure in helping you in all these ways whenever the time is right. I usually work part-time and remote only.

My Services

Emails - B2B Short Copy Lead-Gen, Campaigns/Series

B2B Content Strategy


B2B Content Copy: Blogs, Articles, etc.

White Papers


Case Studies: Copy, Interviews, Video Scripts

Website - Home Page

SEO Strategy

Product Explanation & How-To Video Scripts

Sales Scripts - Authentic, Conversational, Readable

Copy Critique

Samples of My Work


“We hired Robert Wendell to do several projects for Hedquist Productions over the past 16 years and we’ve always been very pleased with the results. In our most recent interaction I was dealing with a lot of complexities on a major project. We needed Robert’s expertise to quickly deliver on one aspect so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting done right and on time.

“Robert delivered on time and went the extra mile to make sure it was well integrated with our other elements. When our client needed to make some unexpected additions, Robert dropped everything and came the rescue before our deadline. He always addresses a challenge with mental clarity and utmost professionalism.”

Jay Mattson

Casting Director and Director of Client Services, Heurist Productions, Inc.

“Robert Wendell has always impressed me with his honesty, integrity, intelligence, creativity, and good humor. He is one of the most dependable and trustworthy people I’ve ever known.”

George Foster

George Foster Graphic Arts & Design

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+1 704 341-0250

For any of the more urgent projects you may have, please feel free to request an estimate at no cost and without any obligation.

For future needs, you’re welcome to use this form to find out for yourself whether Robert’s expertise is right for you. Then whenever a need arises, you’ll rest assured that he’s already there for you.

You’ll have the comfort to act quickly and with confidence that Robert has the know-how that will increase the return on your marketing investments…and do it with top-performing copy ready for you on schedule and within budget.

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