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A+ B2B Copy focuses mainly on renewable energy production and storage. When the need arises, we’re highly skilled at using simple analogies and metaphors to successfully present complex ideas in terms much more easily understandable for lay audiences.

When time allows, we’re available more generally for science, engineering, and related technical and scientific industries and institutions, including non-profit research institutions.

You can confidently expect writing that uniquely combines technical accuracy with an ability to inspire and persuade in a respectful but highly conversational B2B style:

Short-form Lead-Gen and Follow-up Emails


B2B Content: Blogs, Newsletters, eBooks, White Papers, Video Scripts

Targeted Interviews resulting in high-impact Case Studies

Critical Project Proposals

Effective Home or Landing Page Copy

Press Releases for both technical and general business publications

Easily readable Press Releases for the wider public

Marketing brochures, sales aids, and other print copy

Robert’s widely varied B2B and technical experience has produced a rare combination of technical, artistic, and marketing skills:

  • What I Do: I’m driven by a mission to promote renewable energy while helping you increase your marketing ROI by providing you with high-performing marketing copy.

    Who I Work with Today: I mainly partner with green technology B2B industry:

    • Marketing Executives
    • Green Construction Consultants
    • Renewable Energy
      • Radiant Solar (Photovoltaic; parabolic, Fresnel, trough, compound concentrators, etc.; solar tracking systems; Stirling, steam turbine, and thermoacoustic generators, power tower, etc.)
      • Sensible Heat Solar (air conditioning, thermoacoustic refrigeration, process heating, hot water; flat plate and tubular collectors)
      • Wind
      • Renewable Hydrogen (electrolysis, including direct solar production)
      • Energy Storage (batteries, fuel cells, LOHCs, flywheels, gravity, compressed air; Heat/Cold Storage [TES/SHS/CPM (Thermal Energy Storage/Sensible Heat Storage/Composite Phase Change Material)], latent heat in phase transition and chemical state change approaches, etc. 
      • (We already thoroughly understand concepts like storage density, heat conductivity, specific heat, latent, sensible and radiant heat, chemical and hygroscopic phase change, and the need for optimized engineering tradeoffs among these options, factors, costs, etc.)
    • B2B Energy Conservation Products and Services


    Why It Works: When you partner with A+ B2B Copy you get the efficient, effective, top-quality marketing copy your firm is looking for right now. The copy you get here is attention-getting, compelling, technically correct, and inspires action toward your end of the marketing funnel.

    Why It’s Different: You have a unique combination of technical background and writing talent on your side. Your copy is backed technically with hands-on experience working in electronics together with a significant physics background, high-tech industrial hardware and software manual writing strongly oriented toward user experience (UX) principles, and many years of experience in B2B marketing.

    The copy you receive understands your technology and presents it in simple, clear, accurate, attractive terms. This includes not only the usual marketing tools like PR/PSA email content, lead gen and warm emails, white papers, case studies, Website content auditing/writing, etc. 

    You also have my AWAI certification working for you in several high-conversion-rate, ROI-accelerating areas: eBooks, white papers, and video scripts, including testimonial, case-study, and how-to video scripts that cut your below-the-line production costs by 60-80% while substantially improving marketing effectiveness.

    You also receive:

    • One-on-one attention
    • Stellar customer service and support
      • Six years of experience in high-end, vertical market B2B software support for  Fortune 100 clients
      • Four years managing that function; training added support staff
      • Employee of the Year for excellence in that role

A+ B2B Copy is above all a creative product. It’s technical B2B copy that accurately informs while inspiring the kind of human response you can take to the bank.

A systematic, adaptable, highly effective writing process empirically tested in B2B markets ensures this. It achieves this while remaining fully subject to human judgment and creativity. Your writer at A+ B2B Copy:


digs deep to understand exactly who your audience is, both the contact and the company. We find out what they really need and want.

uses this foundation to look hard at the all-important first task, getting the reader’s attention.

analyzes and ranks in order of priority all key benefits for your clients and the problems, the “pain points” they face.


reveals how the readers and their business will enjoy important benefits backed up by attractive features for that business.


explains what makes your products unique, how they stand out from the competition.


shows how other businesses have profited from the results your products deliver.


inspires and cordially invites its readers to take the next simple step.

Objective feedback from iterated text analysis catches possible areas for improvement. It helps tweak and reinforce already top-notch technical B2B copy with a variety of statistics on important factors such as:

  • overall reading ease or difficulty
  • word usage
  • word and sentence lengths
  • frequency of repeated words and phrases
  • conversational versus formal voice
  • mood
  • use of passive voice (sometimes OK, but rarely the best choice)
  • relative frequency of references to the reader and the reader’s business, etc.

This puts a final touch on your A+ B2B Copy to drive it to maximum readability. It’s the cherry on top of already pleasant, attractive language and a powerful, well-proven motivating sequence.

The result invites and holds your clients’ attention
to convincing copy that moves them to respond.

This pulls in strong candidates for more great deals…

and places them easily within your expert reach!

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You’ll have the comfort to act quickly and with confidence that Robert has the know-how that will increase the return on your marketing investments…and do it with top-performing copy ready for you on schedule and within budget.

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