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“We hired Robert Wendell to do several projects for Hedquist Productions over the past 16 years and we’ve always been very pleased with the results. In our most recent interaction I was dealing with a lot of complexities on a major project. We needed Robert’s expertise to quickly deliver on one aspect so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting done right and on time.

“Robert delivered on time and went the extra mile to make sure it was well integrated with our other elements. When our client needed to make some unexpected additions, Robert dropped everything and came the rescue before our deadline. He always addresses a challenge with mental clarity and utmost professionalism.”

Jay Mattson

Casting Director and Director of Client Services, Heurist Productions, Inc.

“Robert Wendell has always impressed me with his honesty, integrity, intelligence, creativity, and good humor. He is one of the most dependable and trustworthy people I’ve ever known.”

George Foster

George Foster Graphic Arts & Design

“Robert’s writing style is very energetic, candid and persuasive. He has a good, conversational style…excellent, very professional sales copy.”

Steve Slaunwhite

A-list B2B Copywriter/Coach, Author of several well-respected books on copywriting, including The Everything Guide to Writing Copy

“Robert and I were technical writers at Hawthorne Documentation. Robert was particularly strong in high- tech subjects, including Glass Cutting Methodology and Computer Numeric Controller documentation of a glass cutter that shot out garnet slurry at Mach 2.

“For that client, he had an hour to interview the design engineers. With only a few follow-up questions during the writing, it drew testimonials from machine operators such as, ‘I’ve been operating the glass cutter for a couple of years, but I understand and operate the machine much better after reading those chapters’ “

Patrick Bosold

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